Overview Edit

Sendico is a suburb to the west of the city, which borders Lancaville to the east and Singleton and Laketown to the north. Sendico was along with Leederville, the first suburb development plan put in place to increases the development of the city.It lies under the regional governance of the CBD City Council.

History Edit


Sendico was one of the first major developments which was ordered by the Peteyville Government of that time, along with Leederville, the suburb provided close city living without the hustle and bustle of city life.The suburb hasn't changed very much since then building wise. The suburb was originally linked by a train line which was shared with the more northern parts of the city.

After EstablishmentEdit

Sendico readily became the hub of creativity and justice,having a courthouse and a recording studio next to one another. Sendico also offers a small amount of housing.

Present DayEdit

Present Day Sendico is the leftover parts of old sendico,which was not used to make the new government building,it has a beach and a different style of housing to its neighbours. It now has a duorail (a monorail with 2 rails) connecting it to major southern and northern hubs as well as the city.