"Lower City" was one of the original city expansion suburbs,along with Lancaville to the south, created the picture of a modern city in Peteyville.

Suburb overview Edit

Name: Lower City

Transport Links : Not linked to any stations or lines, used to share a station with leederville,but now the 2 closest stations are the City Station and Leederville Station.

History Edit

Origins Edit

Lower City (As it is called now) was one of the first areas in Peteyville but was not named until the city remake in late 2014, this caused the creation of 3 suburbs out of the 1 original "Peteyville CBD" suburb. These 3 ultimately resulted into Lancaville, CBD and Lower City. It has not changed very much since then, with only 1 skyscraper and a public primary school which serviced the CBD and the surrounding suburbs of Lancaville, Leederville, Sendico and the Lower City itself.

Present Day Edit

The Lower City is the same old suburb as when it originated, with a bridge which goes over where the old city railway lines used to be located.