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Leederville is a suburb to the west of the City and is named after the Perth (Australia) suburb which goes by the same name. Leederville was, along with Sendico the First large venture by the Peteyville Government to build a suburban style area...Well that failed. Leederville is now a major link between the North and South of the city, providing an alternative to the slightly confusing and unconventional layout of the roads running through the city. It allows for a complete bypass of the CBD district, feeding traffic into Sendico, which feeds traffic into Lancaville, Singleton, Somerset, Banlieu, Floreat, Reconville and Laketown. It lies in the city council of the City (Peteyville Combined Council).It is connected by a train line which runs from the far northwest of the city to the central south of it.

History Edit

Establishment Edit

Leederville was one of the first major developments which was ordered by the Peteyville Government of that time, along with Sendico, the suburb provided close city living without the hustle and bustle of city life.The suburb hasn't changed very much since then building wise. The suburb was originally linked by a train line which was shared with the more southern parts of the city. It had a Church, McDonalds and a few houses dotted around it, it was also the original spawn point for new players, boasting a lovely park and views of the lake. It arguably was the first suburb which had a sense of planning to it, with a fire station and a seaside highway connecting to other suburbs on one side and the bypass.

Present Day Edit

Leederville is quite similar to the Leederville at establishment, with improved links for transport. It now has a duo rail (A monorail but with two lines) connecting it to other suburbs.