Poor Old Lancaville

Overview Edit

Lancaville has always been regarded as the "forgotten suburb" being dwarfed by the city and the inner northern regional hub of Singleton to its north. It now only contains a few houses and parts of the hospital,most businesses simply referring themselves as being in the "City" suburb where about half of them lie in the area of Lancaville, The city doesn't seem like acting on it any time soon.It does not have a train station, but to its north shares part of the major highway in the region with singleton.

History Edit

Establishment Edit

Lancaville has never been recognised as simply having its own history, which was mainly influenced by that of its neighbours. Lancaville at establishment was a thriving inner city suburb having a bakery and most of the cities residents in its boundaries.

After City Remake Edit

The "forgotten suburb" idea started to happen after the remake where the city boundaries got a lot larger and cut about half of its recognised areas,forcing local businesses out of the area to Singleton.It has not changed much since then only having a few houses and a doctors surgery. Lancaville used to be the medical hub of peteyville, but that has now been shifted away to belmont, about 3 suburbs north of it.