"City" (formerly known as CBD) is Peteyville's first suburb.It is the largest suburb by population and population density,although it is one of the smallest suburbs by area.

Suburb Overview Edit

Name: City

Transport Line: Orange Line, at the City Station

History Edit

Establishment Edit

At the establishment of Peteyville on the 13th of April 2014 the City (As it is called now) was the only suburb in Peteyville, although Peteyville didn't adopt the concept of "suburbs" until late September when Belmont, Northside and Lenton were becoming larger. The city was originally 6 houses which were one storey high. At that time there was a functioning jail with 8 jail cells and had an almost medieval look to it,which now at modern day has been preserved as a historical site.

City Remake Edit

Towards the end of 2014, the Peteyville Government decided that the city district did not reflect the cities development as a minecraft city at all. Most minecraft cities at the time where skyscraper apon skyscraper. At this time in Peteyville some towers were starting to be built in Leederville, the suburb immediately west of peteyville and the "Lower City" suburb to the north. The government decided to literally create a clean slate on this case,with all buildings except 1 in the district being demolished. The small houses now are towers. Another problem with the city at that time was the tiny streets 3 blocks big,where the main roads in nearby suburbs,which was a lot less developed had 5 block large roads,which was a big difference. 5 block roads started to become the normal size in peteyville,however the city itself didn't have it. So they made sure they had it.

Present Day Edit

Present-day Peteyville now consists of a large amount of skyscrapers owned and built by the government, but leased off to companies.