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Blaxland Downs is the capital of the Local District Council which incorporates most of the Northeastern suburbs (Like Blaxland Heights, Springwood, Sorrento and Waitara)

History Edit

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Blaxland Downs was created shortly after the establishment of Blaxland Heights. The Heights presented an for some suburbs north east of the city. Blaxland Downs was created alongside Springwood and their residents feel like the two suburbs are like brothers.

Zoning Edit

Commercial Edit

Blaxland Downs has nine plots subdivided for commercial (3 of them being microcommercial, ill explain that later) the most noticeable commercial buildings are the aquatic centre (the only one in the whole city) and the radio station SW 995: The South West Radio (which is slightly a problem, given that it is located in northeastern Peteyville). A significant amount of the commercial plots have not been taken up by companies. There is 3 permanent food stands (microcommercial)

Residential Edit

7 plots are allocated for residential, all of them have one storey houses.